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Selling To Serve Online Course

In this comprehensive online sales course developed by Jeremiah "Shark", you'll learn everything you need to know about creating a winning sales strategy, developing the right mindset and selling value-centric solutions using his proprietary sales process named Selling To Serve.

Out of everyone I’ve ever met on my business growth journey, “Shark” has influenced the way I communicate, market my work, and sell more than anyone else. Jeremiah is a luminary in the field of Ethical Influence, Marketing and Sales and he’s also one of the only people I’ve ever met who really “gets” how to take a caring, kind, compassionate based business - like a Physical Therapy Clinic – and make it super profitable – without removing the love, heart and authenticity. He does this through his Selling to Serve methodology and training.

Paul Gough


Virtual One-On-One Sales Training

Whether you are a seasoned sales rep or business owners, you can benefit from private virtual sales coaching from The Shark. He'll work with you to address your selling pain points, deliver a sales solution and coach you through his proven Selling To Serve process.

Working with Jeremiah "Shark" helped my agency skyrocket in sales with an additional $150,000 in revenues within 6 months from the time I hired him for one-on-one sales coaching. He even helped me hire a sales rep!

Shark's commitment to your success is genuine and unparalleled. He keeps you on track and selling every week. His advice and inspiration is contagious. Any business owner that is serious about increasing their sales needs to hire The Shark!

Daniel Bussius


On-Site and Team Sales Training

The Shark will come to your location and spend either a full or half day training your sales team the entire Selling To Serve fundamentals so they can develop a winning mindset that closes more sales, increases revenue and delivers value-based solutions for your customers.

My career has given me the opportunity to work with many sales organizations around the world.  Jeremiah Sarkett has not only set a new standard in sales industry, he revolutionalizes what sales is all about.  Jeremiah is not only a superstar because the volume of sales he does each year says so, but because of the value he brings to each new client. It's very easy to see why Jeremiah Sarkett is a great leader, superb communicator, and has a relentless work ethic. If you want to learn more about how to sell more effectively and along the way help the lives of others, Jeremiah is your go-to guy.

Matt Mayberry

NFL Athlete

Not Sure Where To Start? 

I have helped hundreds of business owners and sales professionals make shifts and strides to increase profits while serving more people.
If you have a desire to give more, to have an impact on more people, to build a sustainable and heart-centered business around those great skills that you developed along the way – it's vital that you master your selling and influence skills, just like you've mastered your craft before. It’s time to train, it’s time to join a winning sales team and organization.
The insights that I will share with you from day one will help you move through the resistance you can experience to charging what you are worth and changing your sales process for the better!
Overcoming the money issues we have to deal with in our business…
And help you reach the highest levels of serving, in every area of your business…
Team Shark, the wining sales team!
Mindset + Process = Frictionless, Compassionate, Scalable Success
Join the team, enhance your skills, train with the best heart-centered sales professional in the World

Sell More, Work Less! 

Select How You Want To Learn From The Shark

Private Coaching Session
with The Shark



  • One hour live virtual session with The Shark.
  • Session recording provided to you after the call.
  • Sales Assessment to identify your primary issue.
  • Customized Action Plan to guide you on the next steps.
  • Discounts provided for additional coaching.
  • Free resources sent to you after the call based on your needs.
On-Site Sales Training 
with The Shark



  • On-site training from The Shark with your sales team at your location.
  • Full recording of The Shark's live training provided to you afterwards.
  • Full Sales Assessment with your team to guide you on the next steps to take.
  • Customized Action Plan created for the sales team.
  • Ongoing phone and email coaching for 30-days.

Some of the companies Jeremiah Sarkett has helped transform:


Six Tips To Accelerate Your Sales performance Now

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Jeremiah is a rock-solid mentor, sales coach and someone I am proud to call a friend. He has helped me overcome my business obstacles that prevented me from the growth my company deserved. During our strategy sessions together, he gave me clarity in the direction, processes and confidence to implement these changes. I have since seen year-over-year growth, higher profit margins and a company that delivers value to the customers we serve. I highly recommend him to any business owner who is serious about results-driven growth!

Alasdair McWilliam - CEO

Jeremiah brings online teams together like no one else. His enthusiasm is infectious and his commitment to see teams deliver results has had a direct impact on our sales and the culture of our organisation. I have had the pleasure of working with Shark during live in person events in Australia and Vietnam, through business masterminds and hotseats and via a shared online community with fortnightly coaching sessions. No one commits to team culture and experience like Shark does.

-Growing our business from start up to a multiple six figure digital agency -Moving from a 1:1 time for money model to creating online group offerings -Bringing positivity and fun to our organisation -Traveling throughout the Asia Pacific region together for a series of masterminds and conferences where his emotional investment in the success of each every business owner was obvious to everyone in attendance.

Haylee Vazquez - CEO

Jeremiah's key skills are his ability to connect with people rapidly on a personal level, to understand, to help, to bring energy and to provide mentorship to entrepreneurs who want to do the right thing by their businesses, their customers, their families. I have experienced those abilities both 1-to-1 and with the relationships this über-connected networker has thoughtfully, and with consideration, introduced me into. His passion is connecting with people on a human level, then bringing massive energy to delivering success to them. He's a coach, a mentor and an inspiration. I cannot recommend him highly enough to others.

I was in a bit of a rut when Jeremiah and I began working together. I was frustrated by the constraints of making the shift between self-employed Infusionsoft consultant to successful Infusionsoft partner-at-scale. I was in the process of aligning my business around to specific niche verticals and it was a painful and difficult process. He helped me to first have the confidence to say 'no', to then have the courage to say 'these are the businesses who I work best with', to set goals around that, then to find the right plan and the energy to go and hit, then smash, those goals. Jeremiah took the time to understand *me*: as a person, as a proud father and as a husband first and foremost, and business owner second. He helped me to plan, to re-focus, to strategise and to implement. The cadence of change and of improvement has been building. I've achieved more in the first 2 months of this year than I did in the first 6 months last year. Jeremiah has been *the* key influence in creating the direction and the platform to do this.

Gareth Everson - CEO

If there's one person who knows sales and motivating people to sell, it's Shark! Jeremiah is a man with serious heart. He'll serve and serve and serve some more, all while delivering tried and true direction that drives results. If you need sales help, talk to the Shark!


Tyler Garns - CEO

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