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Who Is "The Shark"?

And... why should I follow his sales training?

At Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is where Jeremiah Sarkett earned the nickname "Shark" for his smooth yet relentless sales approach and results. 

Jeremiah subsequently built a sales methodology that is used to this day by Keap and Keap’s global partners called Selling to Serve

Jeremiah is responsible for helping over 3,000+ businesses automate and grow.

He has personally grown numerous businesses and partners to multi-million dollar levels.

Jeremiah currently ranks 1st all-time in sales revenue generated for Keap.

Some of the companies Jeremiah Sarkett has helped transform:

What Makes A Great Salesperson? 

Hint: Anyone can become a superstar in sales.

In order to change your performance and consistently generate the results you’re looking for you must train.

Like an athlete, consistent, superstar sales performance requires daily practice, drills, and training. Then, when you’re in the big game and have the ability to score, closing (and then closing again, and again, and again) is second nature.

But it’s a whole lot easier with the right guide and a proven process to get you there.

That’s where I can help.

Out of everyone I’ve ever met on my business growth journey, “Shark” has influenced the way I communicate, market my work, and sell more than anyone else. Jeremiah is a luminary in the field of Ethical Influence, Marketing and Sales and he’s also one of the only people I’ve ever met who really “gets” how to take a caring, kind, compassionate based business - like a Physical Therapy Clinic – and make it super profitable – without removing the love, heart and authenticity. He does this through his Selling to Serve methodology and training

Paul Gough

CEO, Paul Gough Media

My career has given me the opportunity to work with many sales organizations around the world.  Jeremiah Sarkett has not only set a new standard in sales industry, he revolutionalizes what sales is all about.  Jeremiah is not only a superstar because the volume of sales he does each year says so, but because of the value he brings to each new client. It's very easy to see why Jeremiah Sarkett is a great leader, superb communicator, and has a relentless work ethic. If you want to learn more about how to sell more effectively and along the way help the lives of others, Jeremiah is your go-to guy.

Matt Mayberry

Former NFL Athlete/Professional Speaker

Who Does The Shark Work With?

If you're ready to grow your sales then The Shark is for you.

Jeremiah Shark works with sales teams and entrepreneurs across the world through his training options of his online course, on-site live training and virtual remote-based training.

The Shark works with:

  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sales Team
  • Entrepreneurs

If you're ready to grow your sales and produce a predictable flow of leads ready to buy then you'll love working with The Shark!

Sell More, Work Less! 

Select How You Want To Learn From The Shark

Private Coaching Session
with The Shark



  • One hour live virtual session with The Shark.
  • Session recording provided to you after the call.
  • Sales Assessment to identify your primary issue.
  • Customized Action Plan to guide you on the next steps.
  • Discounts provided for additional coaching.
  • Free resources sent to you after the call based on your needs.
On-Site Sales Training 
with The Shark



  • On-site training from The Shark with your sales team at your location.
  • Full recording of The Shark's live training provided to you afterwards.
  • Full Sales Assessment with your team to guide you on the next steps to take.
  • Customized Action Plan created for the sales team.
  • Ongoing phone and email coaching for 30-days.

Changing the world. One Company at a time.

We free business owners to focus on the vision and the future of their company while we build sellers who love their work and who are invested in the process.

We do it because sales is our passion.

We do it because we know that your business will never grow until you can develop sellers who work just as hard as you do.

And we do it because someone was willing to do it for us.

Join our movement today.